About Us

Sobre Gio, o dono. The Owner.

Our History

Our story begins with Gio Rodrigues, a renowned stylist, whose vision of a unique gastronomic experience gave life to Pão do Gio. Here, a passion for fashion meets cuisine, creating a space where every detail, from the menu to the design, is thought out in detail. Our pursuit of excellence is reflected in every dish, prepared with the same dedication that Gio puts into his fashion creations. Come and discover the art of gastronomy with us.


At Pão do Gio, we value authenticity, innovation and hospitality. We believe that true gastronomy goes beyond food, it is a complete experience that involves the ambience, service and presentation. Every dish we serve is an expression of our dedication to quality and creativity. Our innovative approach to cuisine is complemented by a warm and elegant atmosphere where everyone is welcome. These are the values that guide us and that we seek to share with each client who visits us.

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